Updated: 26/9/19

Chasetown Civil are proud to be supporting the Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust (LHCRT) by loaning various plant and materials to their works over recent months. 1794 to 1797 saw the construction of the original canal that the organisation is working tirelessly to restore. The 7 mile route incorporates 30 locks, and runs through large parts of Lichfield and surrounding areas.  LHCRT utilises many volunteers across a broad variety of age brackets. Although many of the helpers are retired, the project also relies heavily on younger people, in particular the students of South Staffs and Walsall Colleges. Local construction students are given the opportunity to practice their skills and contribute to a permanent expanding build.

A main aim of the project is incorporating the natural environment into the restoration works. Not only will this project allow boats to use the waterways for years to come, it also provides a valuable habitat for many plants and wildlife. Many sections of the route such as Fosseway Heath, Lichfield, have been constructed to include several trails for walkers. Although still in construction the trails are already providing picturesque, quiet routes for walkers in the heart of Lichfield, and other sections of the waterway are providing similar services to other areas. Acidic soils are being used to limit the growth of weeds along the trails instead promoting grass covered trails lined by natural plants and wildlife.

This project has been supported by  many local schools and colleges in addition to corporate groups, all providing valuable volunteers. Chasetown Civil Engineering has loaned various machinery at different stages of the build. The donated plant is described by the team as a catalyst to their ongoing work. A number of Chasetown JCB excavators have been used in the excavation of canal beds and a 6 tonne Chasetown dumper has been a recurring aid to the trust. Chasetown are proud to have financed the work of college students working on the canal, as well as donating materials for the LHCRT to use.

For more information about the LHCRT please click here. Shown below are various images of the works the trust is doing at the Fosseway Heath, Lichfield section, as well as several images of Chasetown Civil machinery and local volunteers. Please click to enlarge images.