Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Year 2018


1.0: Statement

Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment with appropriate safeguards, and will take action, in so far as it is reasonably practicable, to prevent any substance abuse which increases the potential for accidents, ill health, absenteeism, sub-standard performance or which would otherwise adversely affect its employees or other persons.

2.0: Scope

This policy applies to all Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd’s employees This policy shall also apply to workers, subcontractors and relevant third parties (other persons) where Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd has a statutory duty for their protection.

3.0: Objectives

  • To ensure that the health and safety of individuals is not compromised by the actions of others that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • To ensure that individuals do not possess or supply any drug, whether medicinal or recreational, whilst at work
  • To encourage a safer and healthier working environment for our people
  • To ensure that everyone is aware of the acceptable standards and not to consume alcohol at work
  • To ensure that anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is treated in a fair and consistent manner
  • To ensure that anyone who advises their line manager that they have a drug or alcohol related problem is given the necessary support to resolve their problems and commit to the agreed course of treatment.
  • To ensure all persons under our control tell their supervisor or manager if they are taking any medication.
  • To ensure relevant persons undergo testing for drugs and or alcohol when requested to do so.
  • Where applicable, to support the requirements of our clients and the market sector in which we work by imposing a stricter policy

4.0: Definitions 

In the context of this policy the following definitions apply:

Substance – Alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, over the counter medication, solvents or any other substance that when used can affect an individual’s perception/actions or ability to operate plant and machinery.

Abuse – the use of illegal drugs and the deliberate misuse of prescribed drugs, over the counter medication or other substances such as solvents and alcohol.

Pre-Commencement/Commencement Testing Testing of new employees or workers, subcontractors or relevant third party (other persons) undertaken prior to work commencing.

On Suspicion Testing – Testing to identify whether or not drugs or alcohol are present in employees or other persons as defined above where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the fitness of that person is likely to compromise the safety of themselves, employees or others.

Post Incident Testing – Testing following an accident/incident.

Random Testing – A process used to select donors’ names in a way so that no specific pattern, plan or connection determines the resulting selection of individuals chosen for testing. Random testing must be unannounced.

5.0: Policy

Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd:

  • recognises that substance abuse can be a serious medical condition. The business will provide employees with appropriate and reasonable assistance to obtain the necessary treatment if advised voluntarily by the employee. In all cases this will be dealt with in strict confidence, subject to the requirements of the law.
  • will provide appropriate guidance and information to employees relating to substance abuse and the safe use of alcohol.
  • reserves the right to require employees (and other persons as defined above) to undergo alcohol and drug screening tests in line with this policy. Failure or refusal to take any such test will render an employee subject to disciplinary action or, in the case of others, lead to exclusion from Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd’s operations.
  • will make this policy available to employees and other parties as defined above through briefings and the induction processes. This policy will be regularly reviewed.

No employees of Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd (and other persons as defined above) shall abuse substances, be above specified alcohol limits, supply others with, or be in possession of any substance (other than prescription drugs and over the counter medication) whilst engaged on Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd’s business.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of recreational drugs is prohibited during working hours and on sites upon which the Company is undertaking work.  Any employee or sub-contractor found contravening this requirement is liable to instant dismissal from the site, and termination of employment or contract.

Any employee or sub-contractor found or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs not taken during working hours will be sent home and not permitted to return to site until fit to carry out their duties accordingly and given permission to do so by the Managing Director.

This company operates a zero-tolerance policy in respect of the above.

Random drug and alcohol screening may be carried out without prior notice in accordance with an employee’s or sub-contractor’s terms of employment.

Drugs taken for medicinal reasons are permissible providing that they do not adversely affect person’s abilities to operate plant and machinery or to work safely in any situation.  Any person so affected by medicinal drugs will not be permitted to endanger themselves or others by continuing with their work activities, and will either be sent home or to the site sick room (if available) until fully recovered from the effects.  Employees (and other persons as defined above) taking prescription or over the counter medication, which may affect performance at work, must notify their Manager / Supervisor prior to commencing work

Medicinal drugs, such as painkillers etc., will not be issued or administered by any person on site (including trained first aiders) to any other person.


A version of this statement is available on the company website.


Stuart Dobell

For and on behalf of Chasetown Civil Engineering Ltd

Date: 5th January 2018